No matter if they are new founders or well established CEOs, we assist all our partners in the various different tasks and hurdles of the escape game business – ranging from topics, such as change of use, booking- and organizational software, over storytelling and dramatic design, up to optimization of flow via room content or surveillance technology – we are here for you.

Risk management

The industry relies on welcoming customers into your own property. There are numerous factors that must be considered to provide a low-risk environment.

Be it the management of customer data, dangerous situations that occur during normal service, or possible dangers of mechanical or electronic components – we test several risk and liability topics with the help of renowned attorneys. Therefore, we can provide you with optimizations for structure and planning that may save you much time and money.

City ordinances and stipulations

Communication with city offices and understanding their stipulations are a crucial part of founding and expanding businesses in the escape game industry. Building applications, change of use, fire code regulations – we will guide you on your path to a secure business.

Dramaturgy and Storytelling

The immersion in an escape room story is the focal point for a unique experience. Dramatically structured storylines transport the customer into a whole other world for the duration of the game. We design exciting storylines that fit the scenarios and puzzles while creating new rooms and optimizing existing ones.

We are happy to advise you on dramaturgy and storytelling starting with the first drafts of the room concept. We will also gladly assist you in further developing the stories of your existing room and embed them into the puzzles to create a well-rounded game experience.


Much like in a developing storyline, the gameplay of the room also needs to create an arc of suspense. Our game design specialists use their knowledge and skills to construct game concepts, chains of puzzles and tasks, interior design ideas and sequencing mechanisms. The goal is to devise coherent and harmonious worlds within the game, complete with the inhabiting characters and inherent laws and principles.

We are gladly available to advise you on these matters, or develop a unique escape room for you that your players won’t soon forget.

Project Management

A business owner has to coordinate countless processes, ranging from client-oriented services to logistic processes. From repairs and maintenance over care for business clients up to staff management.

We know how to do it all. With the right tools and well-structured controlling, you can establish efficient means of communication for your business. Our services for established businesses enable our clients to smoothly transition into a compact new business structure.

Building Escape Rooms

Thanks to our well-rounded team of trained professionals, we are able to offer our clients a vast range of services for every aspect of building and running escape rooms. Be it the structuring of puzzles, fitting props, storyline optimization, or even a completed room concept (including the construction in your location) or the creation of an entirely new room based on your individual wishes – we deliver what you need.