Unique, immersive, portable and set up in only a few minutes!

The TeamBox is a new kind of escape room that puts your senses to the test and can be played by a team with 2 to 4 players.


This is how it works:

One team member will be trapped in the TeamBox while the others stay outside. The enigmas that are placed on the outside aswell as in the inside of the box are connected with each other.



– Setting takes around 10 minutes and does not take much space

– no electricity needed

– can be placed outdoor

– two different exciting playing experiences within one game

– involves suprising, entertaining and unexpected moments


Suitable for special events

– teambuilding events

– weddings, birthdays

– fairs

– exhibitions

and other special occasions


Hard facts

– 31 X 31 X 85 Inches

– 2-4 players

– game lasts about 45 minutes