If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

Representative for our team please contact Lina Vogel.

  • Michael Bierhahn
    Michael Bierhahn CEO

    Michael holds a degree in Media Information Technology and is our founder and CEO. He is the visionary and the driving force for our current projects and the development of new business areas.


  • Nadine Diamantidis
    Nadine Diamantidis Assistant of the Management

    Nadine is the strong woman behind the CEO and acts across departments. She makes sure that at least all information come together and end up in good decisions. She also takes responsibility for client projects and unplanned operations.

  • Lina Vogel
    Lina Vogel Operations & Marketing

    Lina is the center of the company and first point of contact for our customers. Through her work in the administrative and organisational field projects are coordinated and information will be transmitted to the right department. In addition, she is responsible for the marketing and project coordinator for the Escape Games Convention.

  • Sebastian Frenzel
    Sebastian Frenzel Game Design

    Sebastian – he was developing first Escape Room concepts even before he completed his Game Design degree. Due to his professional qualifications, he knows how to structure an adventuresome game and how to utilize his digital skills in creating unique game experiences. As senior designer, he can be found either creating concepts for next generation rooms, or wielding power tools, building those rooms.

  • Till Merkle
    Till Merkle Engineering & Technical Development

    Till holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is magnificently qualified to realize new ideas for puzzles and constructions. Highly technical puzzles that turn our concepts into truly exceptional game experiences are his forte. His expertise opens creative doors for innovation in the escape room landscape.

  • Ali Barcin
    Ali Barcin Construction

    Ali is a master craftsman of industrial mechanics, as well as a business economist in craft and trade (through the German HWK) – and is an essential part of our technical team. He is a specialist in quality management, pneumatic systems, plastics technology, CNC technology, and electrical engineering. He is a true practical all-rounder.

  • Simon Zimpfer
    Simon Zimpfer Game Design

    Simon, an all-round creative with a Master’s degree in packaging design, has specialized in wrapping immersive scenarios in innovative puzzle design. Utilizing his interdisciplinary expertise, he creates worlds that exceed the limits of the genre

  • Francisca Geiger
    Francisca Geiger Project Management

    Francisca studies media management at the Macromedia Hochschule in Stuttgart. She supports the team with  organisation and realisation of various customer projects. She also attends her own customer projects and documents it for further progress.

  • Deniz Yasar
    Deniz Yasar Construction

    During his evolution he did all extraordinary jobs and hobbies as rafting, diving, triathlon and so on. Now it is time to build some Brain Boxes.

  • Chewy
    Chewy Motivator & Maskottchen

    Chewy belongs to the team since February 2017. Beside his social skills he owns several essential skills like fetching or choosing the meal.