What we do

ExitVentures specializes in real-life adventures, particularly Live Escape Games. 
Continuous research and analysis of this special industry are a big part of our day-to-day business. We develop and market relevant services and products. We consider ourselves equal partners of each provider we work with.


We strive to support and assist the start-ups that define the emerging and flourishing industry of real-life adventures in their development and growth with relevant services and products.


We believe that following the founding and expansion phase in this business, a smooth transition into the phase of increasing professionalism and efficiency is taking place. Our goal is to be actively involved in shaping this next phase of this industry.


ExitVentures – a name that first and foremost stands for expertise in the area of real-life-adventures, particularly Live Escape Games. We are propelled by our visionary and creative thinking. Our openness toward innovation as well as our sociable nature put us in a leading position in this emerging industry. Optimism, courage, and sense of responsibility are our guiding principles.